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Golden Nuggets: Can’t TO and the Hall of Fame get along?

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Saturday, July 14th, 2018

I’m pretty fascinated over this whole Terrell Owens/Hall of Fame back and forth. I can’t say I’m surprised. TO runs to the beat of his own drum, and TO is going to do what TO wants to do. He went in for his tour, then all the sudden says he doesn’t want to attend. A bit strange. What’s more strange is how the Hall reacted. They could have just said they were disappointed and had a highlight reel planned, taken five minutes to pay the respects of the man they inducted, but they instead erased him from the event.

So who’s ridiculous in all of this? Both of them:

Let me start with TO. I get that he’s (allegedly) bent about being snubbed not once, but twice by the voters. I’m not going to argue whether he should or shouldn’t have been elected in those years. I’m not a voter, I don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. It didn’t help his case when he called voters into question and and went on a media tour with Chad Johnson on how the Hall can be a bit strange in its voting process. But it’s also the Hall, and people get left out every year. We’re not arguing whether he’s better than them or not—he is. At the end of it all, it’s his day, he can do whatever he wants, and who are we to question where he is when he’s announced? The only question I really have is why he bothered going to Canton for a tour and then all the sudden decides to not go to through the entire event. Was that trip really what solidified things? Just when did he make this decision? When he realized Canton wasn’t for him, or when it was a good time to let everyone know Canton wasn’t for him?

And the Hall of Fame, I agree, this is a bit strange that a player has decided to not attend your ceremony, but that’s the consequence you pay for being a subjective voting collective. You’re the Hall of Fame and a prestigious organization for professional football. Act like it. And this erasing of Terrell Owens because of resentment for two years of overlooking him screams immaturity if anything else. They don’t need to like the decision, but respecting it isn’t out of the question and TO is definitely entitled to that. It’s just a bad look.

Passing Owens twice was ridiculous, but it’s downright asinine to erase him when he decides to not come to your ceremony. This may have repercussions down the line with later talent now that they know what they are dealing with. It will be interesting to see.

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