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Robbie Gould says the biggest 49ers fanbase is in Seattle

On a recent KNBR appearance, the 49ers kicker had some words for the Seattle faithful.

The San Francisco 49ers’ fanbase isn’t just contained to the Bay Area. Thanks to past successes, several deciding to move outside of California, as well as the allure of the NFL, you can find fans anywhere. I myself grew up in Boise, Idaho and became a fan thanks to Joe Montana being all over the place in the 80s and stuck around even when the hard times began. I definitely got even more into it when I moved to Seattle as I simply got tired of hearing about the Seattle Seahawks in the casino I worked in.

Even in Seattle, the fanbase is quite strong—and 49ers kicker Robbie Gould brought it up on his recent KNBR appearance:

“Our biggest fanbase is in Seattle. When we land, there’s a group of hundreds of fans that wait outside our airport. I’ve never seen that. Here I am in my first professional season in 13 years, and I have fans waiting outside the hanger of where we are. It talks about how, just that rivalry and what that means, to not only to the 49ers but just to that city in general”

It’s a huge shout-out to Alex Carson, a friend of the site who’s responsible for organizing the Seattle 49ers Faithful group years ago. Before Carson got his hands on things, the Seattle fan scene was a much, much different place. I remember going to a bar advertised as the biggest group of 49ers fans and the experience didn’t feel quite right. If I recall correctly, Alex’s version began as a Facebook invite of him searching for people who had “49ers” in their post and things scaled massively in a short while. Now the group has bars in Seattle and the surrounding areas showing the games. One of the more well known (and anticipated) events is their August BBQ where a very large amount of 49ers fans show up and take over a park for a few hours. I was fortunate to attend it one year where this awesome life event happened:

Like the BBQ, the airport greeting has become sort of a tradition when the 49ers arrive in Seattle to play the Seahawks. The meeting began in 2014 when the 49ers played the NFC Championship game against the Seahawks and since then it’s become a regular event, even getting a shoutout from John Lynch:

It’s always nice to come to enemy territory when there’s warm hearts waiting for you.