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Panda Mondays with George Kittle and Adrian Colbert - episode one

Kittle and Colbert let me join them on their weekly excursion to their favorite Chinese fast food

If you follow 49ers tight end George Kittle and safety Adrian Colbert on any form of social media you’re well aware of their Monday excursions to eat Chinese fast food from Panda express. Colbert and Kittle were gracious enough to allow me to join them and we talked about more than food and football over our servings of orange chicken.

There was so much content from this nearly hour long meeting that it’s been broken down into shorter “episodes” with this being your premiere installment. As you know the 49ers have a lively and fun locker room and the practical jokes between them are probably pretty entertaining. Kittle and Colbert discuss one that they wish they could put into action at the facility.

If you’d like to see more installments from this meeting, please let me know.