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49ers Super Bowl XXIV ring goes up for sale on Pawn Stars

It’s just not the type of ring you’re thinking of

A couple weeks ago, we found video from the show Pawn Stars showing a 49ers memorabilia collector trying to pawn a few authentic Super Bowl rings.

Well, I guess the 49ers are a popular team because another Super Bowl ring showed up on the show, but not a ring you’d expect. A former 49ers cheerleader brought her Super Bowl XXIV ring to sell on the show. This is a ring given out to the cheerleaders to the team and as such is significantly different. This difference is where things get rather interesting.

The seller tries to pawn it with intents on doing a whole lot of things that would cost a bundle of money. Unfortunately, since the ring is the ring given to the cheerleaders, not to mention substantially different than the rings handed out ot players, the crew appraises it as no more than $1,500.

It was a cool ring to see on the show, but I was definitely surprised they would make drastically different rings for the cheerleaders. Giving rings out to other areas beyond the team isn’t unknown in the NFL, but I for one didn’t know they gave out different rings for different departments.

So I learned something. If you can’t view the video above, you can go here.