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Terrell Owens activates his 10-day clause for the CFL

He’s said he wants to come back to football. This indicates he wasn’t kidding.

The last week has been abuzz with Terrell Owens news. First, the Hall of Fame decided to make little-to-no mention of his name during induction weekend due to his decision to not attend.

Now Owens is back in the news again. Justin Dunk at CFL website 3DownNation reports Owens has activated his 10-day clause for the Canadian Football League. Apparently, he wasn’t kidding when he said he wanted to get back into football.

The Edmonton Eskimos added Owens to their 45-man negotiation list. This gives the team the right to issue offers first without competition. By activating his 10-day window, the Eskimos must make him an offer, and if they do not within 10 days, he becomes a free agent to the rest of the league.

Now the tricky thing is if they make Owens an offer and he rejects it, he remains on their list for one year. So theoretically, as Dunk points out, the Eskimos could offer Owens the veteran minimum of $54,000 and if he refuses, they can hold onto his rights until 2019.

If Owens were to accept and play a snap in the CFL, it won’t affect his NFL Hall of Fame eligibility as the leagues are separate from one another. It would be interesting if he somehow found a way to keep playing football while having his gold jacket mailed to him.