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What jersey would you buy of a player not on the 49ers?

Frank Gore and Alex Smith are probably high on some folks’ lists, but who else?

We talk plenty about our favorite players on the 49ers roster, and of course, many of us have our favorite jerseys we have purchased among returning players or will purchase for some of the new guys. We could probably talk about this forever.

But I thought it would be fun to take this conversation in a different direction. If you were to buy a jersey of a current NFL player not on the 49ers roster, who would it be?

I tweeted this question out earlier today, and have gotten some great replies. There are the obvious Frank Gore and Alex Smith responses, although a Gore Dolphins or Colts jersey seems a little weird. You could go with a Gore Eagles jersey as more of a troll move. Someone offered up a great response with a Gore Miami Hurricanes jersey. I could get behind that.

But other than ex-49ers around the league, let’s look at players around the NFL with no connection to the team. I’m trying to think of a quality random player, but nothing jumps out at me. I wouldn’t mind a Michael Bennett jersey, and in line with former Seahawks, a Marshawn Lynch Raiders jersey would intrigue me.

What would be your jersey of choice for a non-49er?