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The 49ers early 2000s uniforms were indicative of how bad things were

Hopefully the organization never returns to that period, in more ways than one.

This week has been “uniform” week on SB Nation, and I thought I’d close out NN’s side of it with a look at truly the worst uniforms in franchise history. It is possible some folks disagree with me, but given the clean look this franchise has had for much of its history, I have never been a fan of these.

You can check out the gallery above, but these are the uniforms the 49ers regularly wore in the late 90s and the early 2000s. They won some playoff games early in this stretch, but given how badly things turned out later, there is a certain taint to these particular uniforms.

I am open to people defending these uniforms, but I just can’t see what there is to like about them. Anybody want to defend them?