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Best case, worst case for 49ers rookie WR Steven Dunbar

Could the 49ers find a diamond in the rough at wide receiver?

Navy v Houston Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers report for training camp on July 25th, at which point position competitions will work their way into focus. Training camp also means we finally get to see the youngest and newest members of the 49ers get into pads and engage in some real contact with the team for the first time.

As training camp approaches, we thought it would be fun to take a look at each of the 49ers notable rookies, and consider the best and worst case scenarios for them this season. We are looking at draft picks and a handful of UDFAs. Additionally, by best and worst case scenario, I’m thinking realistic best and worst. Sure, they could become All Pros as rookies or could end up getting cut by the end of training camp. But let’s consider realistically what would be the best and the worst for each.

We wrapped up the 49ers draft picks, and are now moving on the undrafted free agents. Our first one is former Houston wide receiver Steven Dunbar. He stands nearly 6’2, 205 pounds and finished his college career with a senior season that saw him catch 76 passes for 1,070 yards and three touchdowns. Scouting reports cite his size, short-area quickness, and solid hands as strong traits.

Best case scenario for 2018

He makes the 53-man roster as the sixth receiver. In a best-case team scenario he mixes active and inactive statuses throughout the season. For his own personal development, a couple injuries get him some opportunities and he puts together some decent fourth receiver numbers. A perfect first year could see him emerge as a true diamond in the rough, but that just doesn’t seem realistic to me, even as a best case.

Worst case scenario for 2018

He doesn’t impress enough in training camp and ends up getting cut. Given the number of receivers competing for opportunities, a worst case could see him not even earning a practice squad spot.