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Ronnie Lott gives two words of encouragement to Jaquiski Tartt

“Do it.”

One of the things that has changed since the arrival of Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch is embracing the past. The 49ers have had their past decorated legends on the field and Lynch himself has beckoned the former players to return and help the young ones. They’ve acknowledged the past before, but nothing like this.

Some members of the current roster have walked with a certain humbleness when compared to the great teams of the 80s and 90s. At Levi’s Stadium one of the dual banners attached to light posts has the tag “Faithful then/Faithful now” with a legend standing side by side with a current player. 49ers safety Jaquiski Tartt was put side by side with none other than 49ers hall of fame safety Ronnie Lott:

Of course that’s an appropriate response. But then Lott himself chimed in a day later with only two words:

While we’ve seen the 49ers alumni chime in and make appearances, we haven’t seen interactions quite like this. John Lynch made it clear he wanted the 49ers alumni involved the day he was hired and they quickly made their presence known. In 2017’s training camp, Jerry Rice came and ran routes against the current cornerbacks for a day. It’s definitely a change in the culture. Sure, these are just tweets, but the alumni seemed to keep their distance during the Trent Baalke era, not showing up near as much as you may expect.

As for Jaquiski Tartt, looks like he has someone encouraging him to get into that upper eschelon of defensive back. Ronnie Lott was a power on the field with hits that still make me shiver.

With Lott’s pedigree he only needs two words to encourage anybody.