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Jerick McKinnon’s footwork is a thing of beauty

The 49ers running back has some nice cuts in preparation for the preseason.

Foot on Throttle @jetmckinnon1

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San Francisco 49ers preseason is just around the corner and that finally means we’ll get to see the training camp battles and gauge how some of these new players fit into Kyle Shanahan’s offense. One of the obvious fits is Jerick McKinnon, who probably wouldn’t have found a better system to come into (which is why the 49ers paid him all that money in the first place).

Which is why that above video is pretty fascinating. Seeing McKinnon cut across the field like that is getting me pretty giddy with excitement at seeing him perform behind a 49ers line. Those are some fast and fluid feet!

These are less of speed/sprint drills and more drills to work on agility. You’ll notice an agility ladder in some of these workouts. I’ve tried working with those when I did a stint of Insanity: The Asylum and they are much much harder to work with than you realize (especially when you have big feet, like me). There’s a tone of exercises you can do with one to help your speed, agility and jumping distance also depending on the ladder you get. They are also incredibly addicting to master and there’s really no ceiling on how fast you can get. In all, they are fun to train with.

49ers training camp can’t come soon enough. But man, McKinnon is fast.