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Cassius Marsh goes back home to host his second annual youth football camp

Marsh returned to Oaks Christian High School in Los Angeles for a free youth camp

Sports Academy

49ers defensive lineman Cassius Marsh retuned to his Alma Mater in Los Angeles to host his second annual youth camp. Marsh is an alum not only of UCLA but of Oaks Christian High School, which is where Joe Montana’s son, Nick played football.

This was Marsh’s second annual free youth camp and The Sports Academy provided us with a few videos and photos:

The Sports Academy

What’s great about this time of year is seeing players go back to their home towns and give the local kids an opportunity to meet them. The kids learn from the local coaches who are usually from the high school and local junior colleges as well as getting one-on-one time with the professional athlete. Marsh had a large group off attendees and all had a great time going from group drills and teaching moments to hearing life lessons from Marsh.

Little known fact, Marsh has some arm strength:

Marsh won over the 49ers after a not so successful stint with the Patriots and earned himself a two year nearly $7.7 million dollar extension. With the arrival of Richard Sherman, the 49ers have three former defensive players from their rival Seahawks with Malcolm Smith and Marsh. Marsh will be a key component in improving the pass rush that needed to get more pressure on opposing quarterbacks.