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Richard Sherman discusses offseason rehab, workouts and looks ahead to upcoming season

Sherman has done a variety of workouts this offseason including going to the UFC institute in Las Vegas.

Body Armor

The offseason isn’t really an “off time” for football players, as many workout just as hard as they do once they get to training camp. That holds true for Richard Sherman who has been busy rehabbing his surgically repaired achilles as well as taking advantage of several other training methods. One of the options Sherman took advantage of was going the the UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas with his brand partner BodyArmor Sports Drink which is his hydration choice during training.

Sherman was impressed with the UFC Performance Institute, saying it was comparable to any NFL training facility he’s seen. While the work outs might not necessarily be something that he would use in his regimen daily, there were a few core exercises that he may add into his routine.

“It was great to see the different techniques, really cool.”

Sherman also had a chance spend time with UFC superstar Ronda Rousey who he said was very sweet. They took part in an escape room which neither had done, and had a great time.

Sherman also held a “cornerback summit” at Stanford, his alma mater, where some of the best came to workout and share the techniques that make them all-pros. Aqib Talib, Darius Slay, Xavier Rhodes, and 49ers sophomore Ahkello Witherspoon watched film and worked out with Rischad Whitfield who is also known as the Footwork King.

Sherman on Whitfield’s training program:

“He has figured out ways to manipulate your body into awkward positions like you would in a live game situation. You can’t really prepare or train for that. It simulates the change of direction you have in a game.”

Sherman has been very complimentary of Witherspoon who was the least experienced of the group at the Stanford summit. Sherman invited him to the group after being very impressed with him at OTAs. When asked about the other young defensive backs Sherman replied:

“I didn’t seen a ton from them in OTAs because they were learning technique and the playbook. After training camp I will have a better feel.”

Sherman, however, thought Witherspoon could hold his own with the assembled group of veterans.

“His football IQ is high, he’s hard worker and very talented. He’s athletic and nothing is too big for him. I knew he could roll with the big dogs and he held his own.”

When asked about Jimmie Ward Sherman said he is an athlete who has instinct but he’s been behind the 8-ball having to switch positions.

Most importantly Sherman has been preparing himself for his first training camp with his new team and his newly repaired Achilles. While his workouts and preparations were different early on with the rehabilitation process, he says his routine now is not too much different than it has been every offseason. Without being able to run for five or six months, he bulked up in muscle weight but will lean out as he spends training camp “chasing wide receivers around.” While Sherman may not be taking a lot of reps on the practice field during training camp, he is on schedule to be ready for the regular season.

And about that reported limp after a full practice at Stanford? “Just an exaggeration during a slow football news time.”