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49ers listed as Bleacher Report’s No. 1 overrated team

Compared to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers? Well at least they got a ring.

When Jimmy Garoppolo won his first five starts at the end of the San Francisco 49ers depressing 2017 season, it brought hope and optimism for the future. And, since 49ers fans haven’t had much to cheer for the last couple of years, and their team was like night and day with the emergence of one man late in the season, expectations are high.

So high that the 49ers aren’t just overrated, but according to a recent article on Bleacher Report, they are THE most overrated team in 2018. Compared to the Cleveland Cavaliers, with the arrival of “LeBron Garoppolo,” and called the most overhyped 6-10 team in history, Bleacher Report had this to say on the number one ranked overrated team:

The 49ers are led by a quarterback who has thrown 12 career touchdown passes. They are shockingly thin at the skill positions, employ no defender on the front seven who has recorded more than six sacks in a season and will plug in at least two new starters on the offensive line this year.

They’re not just a rebuilding team; they’re an early-stage, high-volatility rebuilding team that is still auditioning starters and contributors at key positions.

Yet the 49ers are getting almost the same odds to win the Super Bowl as the Jaguars, who played in the AFC Championship Game last year, and the Falcons, who won the NFC two years ago and 10 games last year.

The 49ers are favorites of would-be taste-makers and trendsetters who prefer to be a year too early than a year too late. But when it comes to evaluating NFL teams—and making smart bets—it’s better to be accurate than trendy. The 49ers will be contenders someday; maybe someday soon. But not this year.

I’m sure many of us weren’t expecting Super Bowl or bust for the 49ers but seeing a playoff birth isn’t out of the question here. Being contenders isn’t out of the question either. I don’t think a Super Bowl appearance is in the cards, but I do see the 49ers hitting the playoffs. What happens there is a mystery.

That said, I’ll agree the expectations and hype have gotten to borderline ridiculous, but this comparison to LeBron and the Cavs? I don’t think the comparison of talent around the players is particularly even. At the same time, I for one will take it. Sure the Cavs have been the doormat to the Golden State Warriors’ last few rings, but they (the Cavs) also got themselves one ring in that process.

So you’re telling me, there’s a chance?