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Golden Nuggets: Welcome to the end of the offseason

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Tuesday, July 24th 2018

Thank goodness the offseason is beginning to seep away, I’m ready for some football to start up. Preseason has its own issues, but I think since we’re so deprived of football by this point, we just ignore the quality of the preseason and get excited. Besides, preseason isn’t THAT bad. At least if you have a team you like to watch.

So on my end, I have some good news and bad news about the upcoming season. As many of you know, or gathered since I’m everywhere now, I’ve taken some more responsibilities at Niners Nation. Basically I get to play ‘pretend Fooch’ when appropriate and step in when needed. This all started when I answered a call for writers back in 2015 and said “Hey! Pick me! I can write Madden articles!” The subsequent email from the boss led to me buying a PS4 and my first copy of Madden since I got a free season of Sunday Ticket with the purchase. Here’s the first post I ever did, in case you’re curious. I just passed my three-year anniversary last week which means I’ve increased my usefulness marginally and the Madden simulations have gone for three years (including my first year where I tried to make the 49ers go undefeated—now that’s an exercise in frustration).

Well, I’m sad to say, that’s the bad news. Madden simulations are coming to an end. So all five of you who were looking forward to me getting stats on a video game are going to be disappointed. Truth be told, the Madden simulations took me about 2.5 hours to do, and honestly, I just don’t have 2.5 hours now to dedicate to a simulation that has proven wildly inaccurate. And we all know my true feelings on Madden. I really just refuse to buy the game this year because of all its issues.

So the good news? Who’s been going to the Niners Nation Facebook page? Well you should because my halftime shows ARE COMING BACK! If you haven’t gotten in on the fun, every game at halftime I will go live to update everyone on what’s going on, give some impressions, take some questions, have a discussion, and if the game is going well, “Woo!” like Ric Flair only wishes he could (this happened during the Giants game).

Week one in the preseason, me, and my 6-month-old beard will be ready for all of you.

And that’s all I got about the upcoming season. Here are some links:

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What a horrible night to have a curse...