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Report: Dante Pettis agrees to terms on rookie contract

This locks up all the rookies.

The San Francisco 49ers have signed second round pick Dante Pettis, according to Matt Barrows. This gets the 49ers’ entire nine-man draft class signed, sealed, and delivered for training camp.

Pettis was the final player to get signed and now a deal is done. The 49ers report to training camp on Wednesday and there shouldn’t be contractual issues with it. Pettis is represented by CAA Sports, which also represents Solomon Thomas and Mike McGlinchey . Last year, Thomas came down to the wire before agreeing to his terms. This year, the 49ers wrapped up McGlinchey’s deal earlier this week.

We won’t get the details for a while, but the rookie wage scale makes it fairly easy to figure out the basic terms. Per Over The Cap, Pettis is due a signing bonus of $2,734,952. The rookie wage scale settles the signing bonus and base salaries fairly easily. The reason it went down to the wire was likely due to discussions of offset language or signing bonus deferral.

Another rookie class has been fully signed. Thankfully nothing is getting drug out. We all remember the delays in getting Michael Crabtree signed in 2009 and he wasn’t signed until well into the regular season. That probably wouldn’t have happened with this class, but it’s nice to know it’s definitely not happening.