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Richard Sherman, Joe Staley have their mentees for 2018

The 49ers have rebuilt the locker room culture, and two of their veterans have players to work with this season.

John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan have spent the past year and a half working to change the culture in the San Francisco 49ers organization. We’ve seen it with a variety of roster moves, and leaders are stepping up among both the veterans and younger players.

Two veterans who appear to be stepping up are left tackle Joe Staley and cornerback Richard Sherman. Staley has long been a leader in the 49ers locker room, and one might argue Sherman was signed as much for his leadership as what he could do coming back from a torn Achilles.

Both met with the media on the first day of 2018 training camp, and both discussed mentorship relationships we have seen them develop this offseason.

Earlier this year, Sherman was one of the 49ers players who attended Reuben Foster’s court date. He has talked previously about offering support and guidance, and he talked about it again on Wednesday. Sherman’s locker is next to Foster’s, and he said he has had several conversations with the second year linebacker. He thinks he will grow from this offseason and won’t be in the news for off-field issues in the future.

Meanwhile, Joe Staley has developed a bond with Mike McGlinchey in the three months since the latter was the 49ers first round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. We saw them singing karaoke back in June, and even more singing during an episode of The Joe Show.

On Wednesday, someone mentioned how Staley had seemed to grow close to McGlinchey. Staley laughed and said, “He’s my best friend in the world.” The question was about what Staley has seen of McGlinchey, and the veteran was effusive in his praise. He said he has the right mindset to be great in the NFL, asking the right questions, learning the playbook quickly, and executing right away.

There is a whole season, and really career in front of us to see how Foster and McGlinchey work out for the 49ers. But in the early stages, they are being afforded significant opportunities with these kinds of mentee opportunities.