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49ers training camp reps for day one

Take these with a grain of salt but here's how the play counts shook out for day one

NFL: San Francisco 49ers-Training Camp Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers held their first day of training camp practice on Thursday. In front of a sizable crowd of fans on the practice field adjacent to Levi’s Stadium, the coaching staff used much of the same format that we saw during OTAs and minicamp. There were individual drills, 11-on-11s, 7-on-7s, and special teams run throughs as has been seen before.

Here is a tallied list of plays just so you can see who has been practicing with who, as well as run plays vs. pass plays. Obviously do not take these rep counts too seriously, but they are a just a good way to break down the practice a little bit.

11-on-11s session one

  • Jimmy Garoppolo hand off to Jerick McKinnon run to the left side for about 10 yards
  • Garoppolo short pass to George Kittle, Reuben Foster in coverage
  • Garoppolo hand off to McKinnon for a short run up the middle
  • Garoppolo incomplete intended for Victor Bolden Jr.
  • C.J. Beathard hand off to Raheem Mostert
  • Beathard throwaway to the left side
  • Beathard handoff to Joe Williams, ‘tackled’ by D.J. Reed
  • Beathard handoff to Mostert
  • Garoppolo complete to Marquise Goodwin for 20 yards, Adrian Colbert in close coverage
  • Garoppolo hand off to Matt Breida, Brock Coyle with the ‘tackle’
  • Garoppolo under center - defense called for encroachment
  • Nick Mullens hand off to Williams run to the left side
  • Mullens hand off to Jeremy McNichols up the middle
  • Mullens hand off to Jeff Wilson up the middle
  • Mullens with the keeper to the right side Terrell Williams with the ‘tackle’


  • Garoppolo short complete pass to Kyle Juszczyk on the left side, Ahkello Witherspoon in close coverage
  • Garoppolo complete to Garrett Celek to the left side
  • Garoppolo incomplete to Goodwin, Witherspoon with the PBU
  • Garoppolo complete to Cole Hikutini to the left side
  • Beathard complete to Hikutini to the left side
  • Beathard incomplete to Dante Pettis, D.J. Reed in coverage
  • Beathard complete to Max McCaffrey
  • Beathard pass intended for Pettis, Tarvarius Moore and Pettis both had a hold of the ball until Moore ripped it away, deemed a forced fumble or interception
  • Garoppolo incomplete to Kittle in the flat, Foster in coverage
  • Garoppolo complete to Bolden, Foster in coverage
  • Garoppolo complete to Goodwin, Foster and Colbert in coverage
  • Mullens complete to Richie James Jr., Mark Nzeocha in coverage
  • Mullens intercepted by Tyvis Powell intended for Kittle on the left side
  • Mullens complete to McCaffrey short to the left side, Emmanuel Moseley and Nzeocha in coverage
  • Mullens complete to Richie James, Greg Mabin in coverage

11-on-11s session two

  • Garoppolo scrambling in the pocket, incomplete to Pierre Garcon
  • Garoppolo hand off to Breida
  • Garoppolo pass swatted down at the line of scrimmage by Arik Armstead
  • Garoppolo pass intended for Kittle but broken up by Brock Coyle, almost intercepted
  • Beathard ‘sacked’ by Chanceller James, play continues, incomplete to Kendrick Bourne, Greg Mabin in coverage.
  • Beathard hand off to Williams up the middle
  • Beathard with a laser of a pass to Bourne who was in double coverage by James and Moore
  • Beathard complete to Kittle, Antone Exum Jr. in coverage
  • Mullens incomplete to Steven Dunbar Jr., Moore in coverage deep to the left side
  • Mullens complete to Ross Dwelley, Terrell Williams in coverage
  • Garoppolo complete 10 yards down the middle to Goodwin who highpointed the ball, Witherspoon in coverage
  • Garoppolo hand off to McKinnon up the middle
  • Garoppolo low pass incomplete to Goodwin, coverage by Colbert and Witherspoon 15 yards up the left side
  • Garoppolo short pass complete to wide open McKinnon on the left sideline, McKinnon ran for 10-15 yards before contact
  • Beathard complete to Pettis 10 yards to the left side, Fred Warner in coverage
  • Beathard rolled to the left, throw away out of bounds
  • Beathard complete to Hikutini, Powell in coverage
  • Beathard 30 yards deep to the left completion to Richie James, Powell and Exum in coverage
  • Mullens scramble and throw away
  • Mullens complete to Dwelley, almost a PBU by Nzeocha but Dwelley was able to hold onto the ball