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Adrian Colbert has a different perspective on football a year later

His initial outlook during his rookie season was pretty awesome in its own right, but it looks like he’s got a different thought process now.

When Adrian Colbert was drafted in the seventh round of the 2017 NFL Draft, well, he wasn’t too happy to go in the seventh round. In fact, he was downright bitter, taking it to Twitter to voice his frustration:

Given the rookie season he had, that above tweet is pretty awesome. And inspirational. You know fans had to love it. Colbert opened the 2017 season as a reserve and special teams player. By Week 10, his own play coupled with various injuries helped him secure the starting free safety role. He started six of the final seven games to close out the 2017 season, and is locked into the starting free safety role as 2018 training camp opens.

What a difference a year makes. In the first day of practice on Thursday, Colbert met with the media and a question came up about what he’s learned from his drafting experience. Colbert had this to say:

“I played in six games (in college). Six games. I wouldn’t have drafted me either.”

To be fair, he might have understood that small sample size as a detriment to his draft stock in 2017, but was still trying to make a point that even if he hadn’t played a full season, teams would regret not giving him a look. It seems that while Colbert may have a chip on his shoulder for the way his draft went, he at least gives the benefit of the doubt to the scouts and teams who decided to go in a different direction.

Even if he has a bit of understanding or empathy, Colbert was still correct in his own belief in himself. He hits hard and offers great deep ball coverage. Some teams probably are wondering why their scouting department didn’t get some literature on him and prepare to take him before the 49ers did.