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49ers training camp reps for day 2

Again, take these reps with a grain of salt, or over analyze if you need something to do, but here are the reps from day two from Santa Clara

NFL: San Francisco 49ers-Training Camp Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

The 49ers held their second day of practice in front of fans opening up with a walk thru, followed by calisthenics individual drills and then team drills. There were two sessions of 11-on-11 drills and one session of 7-on-7s. While again, these reps give you an idea of how the practices are going, take them with a grain of salt because it’s only day two of camp.

Players held out due to injury: Jonathan Cooper, Malcolm Smith, Trent Taylor, Dekoda Watson, Marcell Harris, Kentavius Street.

11-on-11s session one

  • Jimmy Garoppolo fake to Jerick McKinnon, incomplete low throw into the turf to the right side
  • Garoppolo pitch back to Matt Brieda for a run up the right side
  • Garoppolo hand off to McKinnon to the left side, DeForest Buckner with the ‘tackle’ Reuben Foster tangled up in the middle and on the turf
  • Garoppolo hand off to Breida to the right side for a 15 yard gain
  • C.J. Beathard complete to Aaron Burbridge down the center for about 12 yards
  • Beathard handoff to Joe Wiliams down the center for over 10 yards
  • Beathard handoff to Raheem Mostert to the left side D.J. Jones with the stop
  • Beathard handoff to Williams Fred Warner with the stop
  • Garoppolo handoff to McKinnon up the middle for about 10 yards, Brock Coyle with the stop
  • Garoppolo complete to Marquise Goodwin up the middle 15 yard gain
  • Garoppolo handoff to Breida, up the center and to the left
  • Mullens handoff to Jeremy McNichols, Corey Griffin with the stop
  • Mullens handoff to Jeff Wilson up the middle
  • Mullens handoff to Joe Williams to the right side Mark Nzeocha with the stop
  • Mullens faked a handoff, rolled out and completed a pass to Richie James


  • Garoppolo complete to Aldrick Robinson 5 yards up on the left side
  • Garoppolo pass intended for Goodwin almost caught, broken up by a hit by Coyle forced fumble or PBU
  • Garoppolo complete to Breida to the right side, Eli Harold on coverage and pushed out of bounds by Coyle
  • Garoppolo pass intended for Victor Bolden Jr. broken up by K’Waun Williams
  • Beathard over threw Dante Pettis down the left sideline
  • Beathard’s pass intended for Pettis was tipped by Antone Exum Jr. and broken up
  • Beathard complete to Breida down the middle in double coverage
  • Beathard complete to Garrett Celek on a crossing route, Elijah Lee in coverage
  • Garoppolo complete to Kyle Juszczyk to the left side, Coyle and Pita Taumoepenu in coverage
  • Garoppolo low pass to Goodwin broken up by Witherspoon
  • Garoppolo short pass complete to Juszczyk, Coyle and Taumoepenu in coverage
  • Mullens complete to Max McCaffrey to the left sideline Tarvarius Moore in coverage
  • Mullens complete to Richie James to the left sideline, Mark Nzeocha in coverage
  • Mullens complete to Jeremy McNichols to the right sideline
  • Mullens complete to Jeff Wilson to the left sideline, Terrell Williams in coverage

11-on-11s session two

  • Garoppolo scramble in the backfield, completes a pass to Goodwin down the right side, Coyle and Harold in coverage
  • Garoppolo complete to Burbridge for 15 yards down the right side into double coverage by Coyle and Williams
  • Garoppolo complete to Breida to the left side for 10 yards, Foster in coverage
  • Garoppolo complete to Victor Bolden open in the flat, Sherman came in for the ‘tackle’
  • Beathard handoff to Mostert who ran up the middle and to the right side
  • Beathard complete 40 yards deep down the left side to McCaffrey, Chanceller James in coverage
  • Beathard complete to Bourne almost 20 yards to the right side, covered by Jimmie Ward
  • Beathard ‘sacked’ by Cassius Marsh, play continues, complete to Richie James to the right side, Corey Griffin in coverage
  • Mullens complete to Bolden to the right side
  • Mullens complete to Steven Dunbar seven yards up in the middle of the field

Again take these reps and digest them as you will, but remember it’s only day two of training camp.