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Lil Wayne sends Kyle Shanahan and his son gifts for their support

The 49ers head coach named his son Carter in honor of Lil Wayne. The rapper apparently found out!

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan is a fan of hip hop, having mentioned it in the past. Lil Wayne would appear to be his favorite, confirmed by the fact that he named his son Carter in honor of Lil Wayne (Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr). One of Shanahan’s closest friends and former teammates, Chris Simms, was kind enough to confirm that in May.

It turns out Lil Wayne heard about all this. TMZ reported on Thursday that the rapper sent a care package to Kyle Shanahan and his son. It included a signed poster and CD. Here’s the picture, courtesy of TMZ Sports:

49ers HC Kyle Shanahan, Carter Shanahan with Lil Wayne gift

On Friday, Shanahan was asked after practice about the gift. He gave Chris Simms some crap about letting it out about the name. Shanahan talked about how he had been listening to Lil Wayne’s album Tha Carter while breaking down film. His wife liked the name Carter and they agreed on it, although Shanahan wanted to make sure it wasn’t out there that that was the only reason for the name.

Pierre Garçon was the one who got Shanahan the gift. Apparently Garçon is friends with Lil Wayne’s manager, and the latter asked Garçon if he could pass along the gift to Shanahan. According to Shanahan, his son got a signed copy of The Carter III (radio version, so no cuss words), and Shanahan got The Carter IV.

We’ve spun up an Instagram page, and Alex Tran decided to have a little fun with this picture. He dropped in an actual 49ers-related lyric, along with the Shanahans picture. Fun times all around!