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Mike McGlinchey serves as inaugural 49ers training camp rookie hype man

The 49ers veterans have come up with a system to get fans fired up at practice.

Rookie hazing is something that can be hit or miss. It can include making rookies pick up the tab for a large group of players, taping a player to a goal post, making them sing their school fight song, and more.

The San Francisco 49ers veterans appear to have come up with at least one fun thing for the rookies. For the first time in several years, the 49ers have opened up several practices to the general public. On Friday, Mike McGlinchey served as a hype man to get the crowd fired up at the beginning of practice. Niners Wire writer Rob Lowder got some video of McGlinchey firing up the crowd.

Kyle Shanahan was asked about it after practice, and he said some of the players had decided to start a rookie hype machine. They will designate a rookie to get the crowd fired up each day. Everyone was impressed by McGlinchey’s performance, and it has set a high bar moving forward.

Shanahan was not overly pleased with the offense’s performance on Friday, and he joked (sort of) that maybe the team can hype the offense up a bit more instead of the fans.

I imagine there will be more rookie hype videos, so we’ll keep an eye out for them. In the meantime, with McGlinchey coming down through the crowd, it was very Price is Right in nature! Mark Sanz came up with this: