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Coleman Shelton sets the bar for firing up the crowd at 49ers training camp

Mike McGlinchey did his best impersonation of a Price is Right contestant yesterday, Shelton just raises the overall bar by several notches.

The second practice of 2018 training camp brought a random but hilarious moment of San Francisco 49ers tackle Mike McGlinchey firing up the crowd. The video seemed more reminiscent of a Price is Right contestant getting called to the show floor, but it was interesting.

It was later revealed this is a new rookie “hazing” policy. A 49ers rookie has to fire the crowd up some way shape or form. Rumor has it offensive lineman Mike Person is behind this policy. On Friday, McGlinchey handled the duties, and Saturday it was offensive lineman Coleman Shelton.

McGlinchey was pretty awesome, but I think Shelton has just raised the bar several notches. The only thing to make this better is if they put one of those Crocodile Mile water slides out for him to slip around in for that finish.

At his Saturday press conference, McGlinchey said rookies are notified the night before that they are going to be putting on the show, so Shelton had some time to put this together. We’ll definitely post what’s next if video comes available.

What’s next? Who’s next?