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Reuben Foster spoke to 49ers media since his legal matter was put to rest

Foster explains how the process was a learning experience and how important the support of his “brotherhood” has been throughout the process

The offseason was a challenge for Reuben Foster and not he way it should have been. He would have much rather have been practicing with his teammates, working out at the 49ers facility, but he will have to chalk this up as a learning experience.

It was a big learning experience. I learned from every mistake, everything that’s been said, all my flaws, learned from a lot of things, I just grew from it.

It also made him realize how important football and his “brothers” are to him.

Foster is an extremely enthusiastic person. His face lights up with an ear to ear grin when he talks about football so it’s a drastic change to see him in a somber state. While making his way through the questions and answers from the media, you could tell by just his facial expressions what the questions were about, even if you weren’t listening to the conversation.

While Foster would not comment if he actually did anything wrong, because he didn’t “want to add any fuel to [the story],” he did say how important it was to him to have the support of his teammates and organization behind him. While he did have the support of John Lynch, Kyle Shanahan and the organization, he knew that ultimately, if he was found guilty, his time with the 49ers would come to an end.

“It was crazy knowing that football could be gone. Just being back on the field with my brothers and coaches is a blessing”

One of the players who has become a mentor for the young linebacker is Richard Sherman. When asked about what that has meant to him throughout the process Foster replied:

“That’s real. That’s like real. He’s a man for that. I respect Richard Sherman for that. Coming to court, supporting me, and just being there for me.”

Sherman, while only having been with the team a short time, went to support Foster at his arraignment. Foster couldn’t ask for a better role model and the 49ers know that. It’s no coincidence that the eight year veteran’s locker was placed conveniently right next to Foster’s.

Foster says missing two games will be painful because it’s what he loves but he will take his punishment.

“It is what it is, you accept the consequences and move on. You take it and move on. You learn from it. You grow from it. I ain’t worried, I’m just going to suck it up”

Foster ended by by describing how difficult it was to not be able to tell his side of the story throughout the process. He said:

“It was hard but it’s small thing to a giant”