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49ers training camp reps for day 3 (The 1st day with pads!)

The pass rush is staring to get going but the offense still made some great plays

Jennifer Lee Chan

The 49ers donned pads for the first time in training camp and we got to see a little more physicality during practice. Along with the previously seen individual drills we saw our first glimpse of one on one OL vs. DL drills which always means football games are just around the corner.

Here are your list of plays for July 28th, the third day of training camp:


  • Jimmy Garoppolo hand off to Jerick McKinnon down the middle
  • Garoppolo incomplete to Marquise Goodwin, pass broken up by Ahkello Witherspoon (no PI called)
  • Garoppolo handoff to Matt Breida who was thumped by Reuben Foster
  • Garoppolo hand off to Breida
  • C.J. Beathard hand off to Raheem Mostert down the middle
  • Beathard hand off to Joe Williams down the middle
  • Beathard incomplete to Cole Hikutini - dart to the hands and dropped
  • Beathard hand off to Joe Williams, run to the left side
  • Garoppolo coverage sack as he scrambled to the left, Arik Armstead and Eli Harold with the pressure
  • Garoppolo handoff to Breida to the left side, Foster hit him at the LOS
  • Garoppolo handoff to McKinnon, two yards running crossing right to left, Adrian Colbert with the ‘tackle’
  • Nick Mullens handoff to Jeremy McNichols, run up the center and to the left
  • Mullens handoff to Jeff Wilson, laid out by Fred Warner
  • Mullens handoff to McNichols, run to the left side, Cedric Thornton with the “tackle”
  • Mulllens complete to Steven Dunbar, Warner and Korey Toomer in coverage
  • Garoppolo complete to George Kittle in the flat for about 5 yards, Foster on coverage
  • Garoppolo complete to Garrett Celek to the right, Eli Harold and Brock Coyle with the stop
  • Garoppolo incomplete 40 yards deep to the left side to Goodwin, barely out of bounds, Ahkello Witherspoon in close coverage
  • Garoppolo complete to McKinnon 5 yards out in the flat, could have been a sack by Harold
  • Beathard sacked by Ronald Blair, play continues handoff to Williams
  • Beathard complete to Aaron Burbridge to the right side
  • Beathard complete to Dante Pettis to the left for 10 yards, Elijah Lee in coverage
  • Beathard complete to Pettis in the flat, Lee in coverage
  • Garoppolo incomplete to Burbridge, pass was high, Colbert in coverage
  • Garoppolo complete to Breida bubble screen to the right sideline
  • Garoppolo complete to Kyle Juszczyk 7 yards to the left side, Colbert in coverage
  • Mullens sacked by Will Sutton play continues, complete pass to Jeff Wilson
  • Mullens complete to Kendrick Bourne, 7 yards in the flat, Terrell Williams and C.J. Goodwin in coverage
  • Mullens complete to Wilson, bubble screen to the right, Pita Taumoepenu in coverage
  • Mullens complete to Hikutini, Jaquiski Tartt in coverage
  • Garoppolo handoff to McKinnon 3 yards to the left side, Coyle with the stop
  • Garoppolo complete to Breida in the flat, Coyle and Foster in coverage
  • Garoppolo under center, re-huddle
  • Garoppolo complete to Burbridge 7 yards in the flat, Witherspoon in coverage
  • Garoppolo pressured by Cassius Marsh, possible sack, complete to George Kittle, Tartt in coverage
  • Garoppolo complete to Hikutini to the right for 5 yards, Jimmie Ward in coverage
  • Beathard pass intended for Richie James deep to the left, Chanceller James with the PBU/tip, almost intercepted by Greg Mabin
  • Beathard handoff to Williams up the middle
  • Beathard sacked by an untouched Lee, play continues, complete to Burbridge
  • Beathard pressured/sacked by Attaochu, incomplete pass to Pettis, Tyvis Powell with the PBU
  • Beathard complete to Breida in the flat, Tarvarus McFadden in coverage
  • Mullens hand off to Wilson to the right side for a good run
  • Mullens possibly sacked by Sutton, incomplete to Steven Dunbar, Taumoepenu in coverage
  • Mullens sacked by Jullian Taylor, play continues, deep to the right side intended for McCaffrey, McFadden in coverage
  • Mullens incomplete after pressure, grounded ball
  • Garoppolo incomplete to Juszczyk, Harold in coverage
  • Garoppolo hand off to Breida, Coyle and D.J. Jones with the stop
  • Garoppolo short completion to McKinnon, Foster in coverage
  • Garoppolo almost sacked by Marsh, complete to Breida in the flat, Witherspoon and Colbert in coverage
  • Garoppolo complete to McKinnon, Coyle and Foster with the stop
  • Beathard pitch back to Williams for a fast 20 yard run
  • Beathard scramble and sack by Sheldon Day
  • Beathard sacked by Attaochu, play continues, attempt to Bourne, dropped
  • Beathard complete to McCaffrey, Powell in coverage
  • Beathard complete to McKinnon deep to the left side, Lee in coverage
  • Mullens hand off to McNichols up the middle
  • Mullens rolled out of the pocket, throwaway
  • Mullens sacked on a corner blitz by Emmanuel Moseley, play continues, incomplete to Hikutini
  • Mullens complete to Ross Dwelley to the left side, Fred Warner in coverage