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New 49ers sideline hat designs revealed

What ever happened to just a solid color with the logo in the center?

Every year, you probably see a collection of hats worn by the San Francisco 49ers players and coaches on the sideline. The designs usually stay consistent throughout the season and get updated each year with some sort of tweaks or new design to go along with the usual “colors and logo” that have been around for decades. We have a glimpse of some of the offerings for the 2018’s sideline hats

Much like the 2018 draft hats, it’s not the worse hat I’ve ever seen after letting my first glimpse of them marinate for a few hours, but they do seem entirely unnecessary. Have a look:

I guess my question with the yearly roll out of hats is if these actually sell in 2018. I assume (and this is a huge assumption) 49er Fan would simply want a basic hat with the logo and either in black, white, or red. The bottom hat seems to be a pretty busy design (not sure why those white stripes were added) and the top has a font that seems inadequate to display the 49ers logo. I’m guessing there’s hat collectors out there who want to get every hat imaginable, but from a supply standpoint, I’d love to know the sales data of the hat roll outs for the last decade. It felt like hat-wearing diminished a bit from the 90s/00s.

But I’m not a hat designer. I bought a black 49ers fitted hat a few years ago and in 2018, I rarely wear it even on game days opting instead for my Slayer/AFI bandannas or my S.T.A.R.S. Raccoon City Police Dept. beanie. So I’m not a ‘hat guy’.

What are your thoughts on the new sideline hats?