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49ers could wear throwback alternate uniform up to three times this season

I’ve got a few games in mind where it makes sense.

The San Francisco 49ers introduced a new alternate uniform this offseason, switching from their all blacks to a throwback look. The new uniforms reflect the team’s mid-90s look, which itself was a throwback to what the team wore in 1955 and 1956. You can check out a gallery of photos from the reveal here.

The 49ers will wear these alternates at least once this season, but it sounds like the team could have the option of wearing them up to three times. Previously, teams could wear an alternate two times, and then had to wear their “Color Rush” uniform once (for Thursday Night Football). Now, teams can pick and choose how they want to do it, according to Albert Breer.

The question for the time being is, if you could choose three games this season for the 49ers wear their throwbacks, which would they be?

The 49ers face the Oakland Raiders on Thursday Night Football, and there is probably a decent chance they wear the uniform then. That being said, my initial thought was one of the games against the Los Angeles Rams, and then the road games against the Green Bay Packers and Los Angeles Chargers. If the 49ers were playing the Dallas Cowboys this year, that would be one of the choices, but the Packers are a quality NFC alternative. I picked the Chargers because of the reminder of Super Bowl 29, when the 49ers stomped them while wearing the throwback look.

I got some early responses, and while a Super Bowl appearance seems like a long-shot, this one did get me thinking!