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Marquise Goodwin talks his emergence in 2017, the natural fit in Kyle Shanahan’s offense and advice from the GOAT

Matt Maiocco had the 49ers wide receiver on his latest podcast

Matt Maiocco managed to get Marquise Goodwin for his latest podcast and as you might expect, the San Francisco 49ers wide receiver had a lot to talk about. This is mostly because he had himself a 2017, both on and off the field. On the field, he nearly hit 1,000 yards for the first time in his career, due mostly to him running more than two routes and being depended on from an injured Pierre Garcon. Off the field, Goodwin dealt with a tragic set of events about his child being born prematurely and unfortunately passing away.

That was his year, to start his 2017 season though, Goodwin may have seemed more like the Goodwin of old, because he was dropping some key passes. Most notably was against the Carolina Panthers where a nice dime by Brian Hoyer most likely could have led to a touchdown had Goodwin held on.

Goodwin knew it too, and apparently he got some counseling from none other than the GOAT Jerry Rice:

I gotta shout out the GOAT Jerry Rice for giving me words of encouragement throughout the season too. I think he had a similar story where he first came in and had a few drops and it was really challenging for him. 20 years later his career and he’s the best to ever do it.

Rice has been active with the 49ers since bringing in John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan, even going so far as practicing with them in 2017. Goodwin has shook off a lot of his dropping tendencies and has become not just a nice piece, but a crucial player in the 49ers offensive system.

Below are the time stamps to Goodwin’s appearance on the podcast. You can either listen to it using the widget above or go here.

02:42 - Coming to training camp a week early
03:38 - Thoughts on 2018 season/being a part of 2017 season
06:24 - How he got through his drops early in the 2017 season
08:25 - Where the pressure was off
10:19 - On losing his child in the New York Giants game
12:40 - Positives from being public about the tragedy
14:48 - Learning about himself through all the adversity he faced in 2017
19:00 - Buying a house for his mother -
21:02 - When he thought getting an extension with the 49ers was a good time
23:30 - What it feels like being a part of something special
25:15 - How Kyle Shanahan’s offense was a good fit for him
25:50 - What’s in store for Marquise Goodwin
26:19 - Shout out to The GOAT, Jerry Rice