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Lost: Victor Bolden Jr’s helmet

Can you help the 49ers wide receiver find it?

Bolden Helmet Milk Carton

Lost/Stolen: Helmet of professional football player. Owner (victim) goes by Victor Bolden Jr. Wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers. Known for burning special teamers with speed on kickoffs.

Description: Gold, with red and white stripes in the center, has a large “SF” logo in a red oval in the center representing the mightiest football team on planet earth. Standard facemask that comes with infinite swagger.

Known Associates: Opposing special teams players who get ran over by it during preseason games.

Last Seen: Sunday’s practice on the head of owner. Victim has offered up this statement of its whereabouts:

Known suspects: Given the statement by the victim, all attendees at the 49ers Sunday, July 29th padded are suspects and will be questioned where appropriate.

Given the value and nature of this crime, do not attempt to collect this helmet on your own. The power of a 49er helmet is severe and difficult for mere mortals to handle. Please contact Niners Nation or your nearest Levi’s stadium usher.

Update: Victim has provided us with more information:

Any information on the known whereabouts of this helmet is greatly appreciated!