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Brick by Brick: Season 2, episode 1 recap

Brick by Brick is back! It’s like hard knocks only better! Here’s a recap of the first episode

Brick By Brick: Laying the Foundation

In the first episode of Brick By Brick, players prepare for training camp with an intense week working out with Acumen Performance Group - a group made up of former NAVY SEALs. Also, get inside access off the field as a few of the guys join a bowling league at their local alley.

Posted by Brick By Brick on Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Last year, you may have come across a nicely produced show by 49ers Studios called Brick by Brick. Referring to it as the closest we’ll get to seeing the San Francisco 49ers on Hard Knocks is probably the most accurate description. It’s not as deep as Hard Knocks, but it’s still fun seeing the 49ers off the field and doing non-football stuff mixed in with some behind the scenes segments.

Well, good news, it’s back for a second season. We’ve embedded the episode above, and if you can’t see that head over here to watch it on YouTube. I’m going to do a sort of recap of each episode in printed form in case you don’t want to watch it or would rather just read something.

First thing is we get some of head 49ers strength and conditioning coach Ray Wright. This treats us to some cardio and endurance drills where the 49ers are on all fours and banging out weights. Which takes us to the first entertaining portion of this episode.

League Day. A day of bowling where Dekoda Watson shows up at the bowling alley with a wrinkled shirt. He gets called out for it, but later on after notching strike after strike, he wonders if it’s the wrinkled shirt that brought him the good score card. What’s hilarious is while all this bowling is going on, with a straight face, Watson says spits out a pun that he wants to be a “Pro Bowler.”

Next up is a recap of the training the 49ers did with the Veteran Navy SEALs of APG. Not only are we treated to some video of the training, but a bit more detail on what the 49ers had to do. Their first mistake? Not following the orders of showing up looking the same. By same, the players were in black, but they had T-shirts with different logos, sleeveless/sleeved, etc. Apparently, they wanted the exact attire on every player. From there it’s log lifting, running and a goal of being able to stay in sync. DeForest Buckner commented that they wanted everyone in sync—even in pushups. This resulted in some 100 push-up sessions to get it right.

The last big segment involves DeForest Buckner getting ready. Having just gotten married, DeForest goes over what’s changed since being a rookie (including his number of suitcases he takes). It’s a pretty interesting segment as it gives us a couple of quick looks at Buckner’s house. There were a couple Q & A segments sprinkled in this scene as the show ended.

Overall, the show is just as interesting this year as it was last year as it shows the 49ers off the field just as much as it shows on them. Definitely watch it at least for the bowling scenes. Those are priceless.