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Dez Bryant-49ers chatter will never end

I don’t see it happening, but that won’t stop the guess-work.

Training camp gets going in three weeks for much of the NFL, and that means we’ll start to see veteran free agents signing contracts. One of the more prominent names out there is wide receiver Dez Bryant. He has expressed confidence he’ll land somewhere, and while he has not had any visits, the San Francisco 49ers remain connected to him.

After Bryant was released, much of the talk was that he would find another NFC East tea, to get some revenge against the Cowboys. However, in late May, someone asked Bryant on Instagram where he wanted to go, and he said the 49ers. He subsequently deleted that comment, and has not said anything since, other than that he has no concerns about getting signed for the coming season.

A few days after Bryant’s IG comment, NFL Network reporter Tom Pelissero reported that it was unlikely the 49ers would attempt to sign him. Pelissero said that John Lynch told him he respected Bryant, but he is excited about the 49ers current crop of wide receivers.

That would seem to put an end to the rumors, but Mike Freeman threw a little gas on whatever fire remained. On Wednesday, Freeman had this little nugget in his 10-point stance column.

The best guess from those around the league is Bryant will get his wish to play with the 49ers, but that isn’t a done deal by any means. With training camps set to open soon, we should know more in a few weeks.

Guess tells us plenty. Other executives think the 49ers need help at wide receiver, and Bryant would offer a needed upgrade. Injuries have slowed Bryant in recent years. I think he still has some productive years left, but I also don’t think it makes sense for the 49ers to sign him. It’s entirely possible Marquise Goodwin regresses and none of the young receivers takes a step forward. But until we see how they all perform this season, I see no reason to potentially slow the development of some of the younger receivers.

One might argue that bringing in veteran competition would be good for the 49ers young receivers. I would rather the younger players get the bulk of reps higher up the depth chart, but I can at least see the argument for it. That being said, I’m comfortable with the 49ers passing and instead building on what is an intriguing amount of talent up and down the receiver depth chart.