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Watch John Lynch, Kyle Shanahan join in the 49ers Navy SEALs training

The 49ers got in plenty of good work with some intense drills.

49ers Train With Former Navy SEALs

HOOYAH! 49ers players, coaches and GM John Lynch endured a week of training with Acumen Performance Group - a group made up of former U.S. Navy SEALs.

Posted by San Francisco 49ers on Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Earlier this offseason, the San Francisco 49ers brought in Navy SEALs to provide a different spin on training and team-building. Head coach Kyle Shanahan was skeptical when the Atlanta Falcons did it during his time there, but he later realized the value in it.

The 49ers posted a short video from the event, which you can view above, or click here. Additionally, they posted some pictures to Instagram. We learned from Eli Harold that both Kyle Shanahan and general manager John Lynch joined in the drills with the players. The first picture in the series of pictures below show Lynch and Shanahan with some of the players. If you scroll over the picture below, you’ll be prompted to scroll right for more pictures.

The drills themselves are interesting, but I find it particularly cool that we saw Lynch and Shanahan take part in the festivities. It’s not surprising given their personalities, but it’s still cool.