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Pro Football Focus lists Reuben Foster as one of NFL’s elite linebackers in 2017

No. 4 at 90.7. Can he get better?

One of the many things the San Francisco 49ers will be looking to is the development of linebacker Reuben Foster. Depending on if Foster was on the field during his rookie season, the defense would be like night and day. That also was the problem, Foster found himself getting taken to the medical tent a bit too much for fans liking.

Nevertheless, the folks at Pro Football Focus put this gem of a tweet out today I wanted to share:

90.7 rating isn’t too shabby!

The fact Foster missed significant playing time during games on occasion, and some games entirely and yet still can be in the elite tier is nothing short of impressive. Especially during his rookie season. Something else worth noting is he’s the only rookie in this group. Telvin Smith is no slouch either, yet Foster is ranked two tenths ahead of him.

Foster will be suspended for two games to start 2018 and then the sky is the limit for him. If the 49ers have helped him improve his tackling technique from 2017, which led to his numerous stingers and injuries, he’ll be the focal point of the defense for years to come.

It is a bit interesting though given how Foster’s season played out in 2017 that he’d be listed as elite and one of the top linebackers. What do you think? You think he should have been taken down a couple of notches?