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NFC West ranked second best division by quarterback

With Russell Wilson, Jared Goff, Jimmy Garoppolo and Josh Rosen/Sam Bradford, it seems about right.

We’re seeing all sorts of rankings coming out, be it quarterbacks within the division, strength of schedule, etc, so it’s only fitting we start looking at the rankings of each NFL division by their quarterbacks.’s Adam Schein did the rankings for the entire NFL and put the NFC West at No. 2 behind the NFC North and in front of the NFC South. Here’s what he said about the NFC West:

From the bottom to the top: This is what happens when Sean McVay enters the picture for Goff -- the QB goes from rookie disaster to sophomore Pro Bowler. And Year 3 will be even better than Goff’s terrific second season. Similarly, it’s going to be a special ride for the 49ers faithful, with a full season of Jimmy G and Kyle Shanahan. Garoppolo can carry San Fran to the playoffs. Josh Rosen is my pick for Offensive Rookie of the Year. He’s a sensational talent and quick study, with solid weapons and defense flanking him in the desert. And of course, Russ is carving out a Hall of Fame-caliber career out in the Pacific Northwest. This guy’s magical, with or without an offensive line.

To be truthful, I’d have placed the NFC West third. The combination of Jameis Winston, Cam Newton, Drew Brees and Matt Ryan seems a bit more solid than Jimmy Garoppolo, Josh Rosen, Russell Wilson, and Jared Goff. We don’t know what Rosen brings, and Goff/Garoppolo has too small a sample size at the moment compared to Newton/Winston. The fact it has both Brees and Ryan bumps it up a few notches for me.

The NFC North seems right to be in first place, Aaron Rodgers, Kirk Cousins, and Matthew Stafford alone make this the most quarterback rich division. Sure, Mitchell Trubisky hasn’t proven himself yet, but at this point I’d say the other three more than make up for it.

Where would you rank the top-5 divisions based on their quarterbacks?