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Only one ‘fight’ so far at 49ers practices

Small, and easily broken up.

When the pads go on for NFL practice, things can start getting physical, and chippy. Players get locked up, hits get nasty, and (rarely) helmets get weaponized.

The San Francisco 49ers have been largely quiet. It’s much more competitive this year than last, with players this year being cut that could play on a different NFL roster (per John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan), but you’re not seeing much about fights.

Well, until Wednesday’s practice:

UH OH! Not really. That’s the closest thing the 49ers have had to a fight? Two rookies, one of which wasn’t drafted?

That’s something. Usually by now you’d hear of chippiness happening at some point within the team, but not this one. There are plenty of teams in the NFL that can pick themselves up and keep tempers in check during training camp. When things get competitive it’s very, very, difficult to do, and maintain. Kyle Shanahan’s practices are known for being a bit physical and it seems like the more physical they get, the more competitive and chippy they may become.

It’s nice the 49ers are one of those teams. Saying that no more fights are going to break out is nonsense—there’s going to be one, or several, but it seems like the team is keeping its heads straight and staying disciplined.