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Al Guido talks about future Super Bowls at Levi’s field, what has been done about the heat

The 49ers president joined Matt Maiocco on his podcast to go give some business insight on the team, what they can do about Levi’s stadium’s heat issues, and Dwight Clark.

Matt Maiocco is back with another podcast. This time he brings back San Francisco 49ers team president Al Guido, the first guest he had when his podcast began in late 2016.

It turns out to be a good time for Guido to come onboard. Not only are we given the info on how the 49ers honor Dwight Clark (or just a little context), we also get some explanation to Levi’s field’s achilles heel: the heat.

And with that there’s some business insight as well. We’ll definitely go more into depth on some of the things (like the stadium heat), but for now, here’s everything time-stamped so you can jump to a specific point.

You can listen to the interview using the widget above. If it doesn’t appear, go here.

01:01 - The significance of August 7th (the day they recorded the podcast) for the 49ers?
02:27 - Details on the Dwight Clark statue
04:57 - How the 49ers will honor Dwight Clark with the helmet decal
07:16 - Guido getting to know Dwight Clark
08:37 - The fur coat
11:04 - An extent of 49ers history Guido’s team is trying to tap into
12:58 - Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch making Guido’s job easier
15:00 - Solutions to Levi’s stadium and the east side heat early in the season
20:59 - Response of season ticket holders and fans to the heat
22:18 - When will there be another Super Bowl at Levi’s Stadium
23:31 - The impression left from Super Bowl 50 being held in Santa Clara
25:11 - Future of soccer matches at Levi’s
26:00 - Strategy in proposals for games/championships