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Watch Mike McGlinchey knock Taco Charlton to the ground

The 49ers 1st round pick had some extensive playing time, and made himself known.

The San Francisco 49ers subjected everyone to some bad football on Thursday evening and have a bevy of injuries to show for it. One of the players that was somewhat quiet was tackle Mike McGlinchey. McGlinchey got a bit of extended playing time when the ones were off the field and there’s not much to say about him.

And for a tackle, no news is good news. Well, except for this:

There’s our first round pick! McGlinchey (No. 69) is right there punching Cowboys defensive lineman Taco Charlton to the ground. Who wants to watch Dorance Armstrong when you can watch McGlinchey go stonewall and make not let anyone by him?

There hasn’t been anything to suggest McGlinchey is a bust, yet. He’s had his off days and struggles but nothing that has been in the realm of A.J. Jenkins territory. The 49ers are smart to give him more playing time in the preseason and it will be interesting to watch that side of the line with his presence.

But this video, enjoy your morning watching this.