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Golden Nuggets: Yep, it’s preseason

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Saturday, August 11th, 2018

I have plenty to say about that preseason game (which you’ll see in the content we have coming out today) but I’ll give you a gist of things right now:

  • C.J. Beathard played an awful game, but stop the crazy talk of yanking him as the backup
  • Richie James is going to have a NICE career in the NFL
  • Jimmy Garoppolo...WTH?!
  • Joe Williams may not be long for San Francisco

Beyond that, at least the 49ers won to keep my draft positioning alive. In my fantasy league, the way draft positioning is set it is based on the correct number of winners in the preseason. So the person with the most right picks gets to pick first (or where ever they want), and so on. I had the 49ers winning, but I’m also not sitting well, thanks to New Orleans just HAVING to come back against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Beyond that, the 49ers/Cowboys game was one of the worst games I was subjected to watch. It made other entertainment options, like sleeping, sound so much more attractive. With that rant, I’m going to give you some links.

49ers Kyle Shanahan has good news after wave of injuries (Inman)

49ers 24, Cowboys 21: The good and not so good (Cohn)

Five thoughts on 49ers’ preseason win over Cowboys (KNBR)

49ers’ Kittle, Breida have separated shoulders, but may play in Week 1 (Branch)

Niners Come Out Limping From First Summer Game (Williams)

49ers hit with “crazy” run of injuries in opener (Pro Football Talk)

Brown: 49ers running back scores touchdown for slain brother-in-law – ‘He was on my mind the whole game’ (Mercury News)

What a horrible night to have a curse...