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Jerick McKinnon seen hobbling, grabbing right knee, no longer practicing

Given that he’s walking around without the medical staff, it’s hopefully nothing too serious.

Pat’s update #2: Uh-oh:

Pat’s Update: Matt Maiocco reports McKinnon was signing autographs for the military. McKinnon says he’s fine.

The San Francisco 49ers are in practice right now and may have dodged a significant bullet when running back Jerick McKinnon went down. Reports say he was hobbling and favoring his knee, but after an initial assessment, wasn’t being observed by the medical staff. He’s walking around now, but not practicing.

Given the amount of injuries the 49ers had on Thursday night’s preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys, it’d be nice to get an injury-free day. I held off on posting about this since I wanted to see if he walked off on his own and it appears to be nothing serious, but his day is over it looks like. Matt Breida is recovering from a shoulder injury sustained in Thursday’s preseason game while Joe Williams is not at practice, attending the funeral of his brother-in-law which means Raheem Mostert is taking first team running back snaps.

So all we can say right now is “whew!” We’ll update when more details on the injury are revealed.