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Richard Sherman getting 11-on-11 work in 49ers Monday practice

Good news seeing some progress.

We’ve got some good news from the San Francisco 49ers last open training camp practice. Cornerback Richard Sherman is back practicing with the full 11-on-11 squad at practice, according to Jennifer Chan. It’s not a full workout, as he got snaps alternated with rest.

On Sunday, Sherman only took part in individual drills, so this is a step-up. It’s also worth noting however, that the team is not practicing in pads. They travel to Houston after practice and will be going full pads on Wednesday and Thursday.

This is still a positive step for Sherman. On Friday, head coach Kyle Shanahan said the plan was to hold him out of the Texans game. Shanahan said, “I have a feeling he’s going to try to go, but I’d be very surprised if he played this week. We plan on holding him out.”

The 49ers will not practice on Tuesday, and then get their two practices in with the Texans. It’s not quite game conditions, but it’s close enough to have some value in both roster assessment, and getting players up to speed aside from simply competing against their teammates.