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Hey! It’s time for another Panda Monday!

George Kittle, Adrian Colbert and Trent Taylor at their favorite Monday meet up spot

With the 49ers airborne to Houston for a week of practice with the Texans we thought we’d give you another episode of Panda Mondays with George Kittle, Adrian Colbert and special guest star Trent Taylor. (Taylor actually ate at Chik-fil-a before joining in on the conversation.)

All three players are headed into their sophomore season and the expectations are high after how they performed as rookies. Colbert accumulated some great stats in 2017 but has yet to record an interception in the NFL and Kittle and Taylor made sure to remind him of it. Colbert has no excuses since he had Lasik surgery during the offseason and can see much better now. His story about how he thought his eye sight, or lack thereof, might have gotten him cut is pretty entertaining, Enjoy!