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The not so top plays of 49ers-Texans 8/15 joint practice

The 49ers had some great plays and some not so great - these are the plays where the Texans came out on top

NFL: Houston Texans-Minicamp Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

The 49ers have joined the Texans to have joint practices which means that there are now plays where the 49ers aren’t coming out on top. While the team had several great moments on Wednesday, there were also some not so great, where the Texans came out on top. Here they are:


Jimmy Garoppolo had a good day but it wasn’t without errors, (which is what practice is for). Garoppolo’s short pass to the middle of the field that was intended for Cole Hikutini was intercepted by Texans cornerback Aaron Colvin who saw it coming and jumped the route. Three plays later Colvin broke up a deep pass by Garoppolo that was intended for Marquise Goodwin.

The learning experience

There will probably be a lot of this during the week and in the game. The few snaps that J.J. Watt takes facing Mike McGlinchey are going to be electric and mostly dominated by Watt. The great thing about it is that it’s the preseason and there’s no better way for McGlinchey to learn than to play someone dominant. During 11-on-11s McGlinchey got locked up with Watt who was able to get around and shed him to get the “sack” of Garoppolo.

The misconnect

Hopefully the 49ers got this one out of their system now. Garoppolo took the snap, went through his reads from right to left and then threw to the left sideline where Aaron Burbridge had run his route. Garoppolo threw his direction but unfortunately Burbridge didn’t turn around and look for the ball. It sailed past him to the sidelines. Plain and simple; miscommunication.

Getting it past the line

There has been a little too much of this during training camp and the preseason: Tipped passes at the line of scrimmage. It happened again today when 6’4 Angelo Blackson reached up and tipped a Garoppolo pass.

A somewhat familiar face

Justin Reid, the younger brother of former 49ers safety Eric Reid made a great play on a Garoppolo pass intended for Cole Hikutini. He got in front of Hikutini for the pass break up towards the center of the field.


The teams were at the opposite end of the field so it wasn’t completely clear if it was a fumble or an interception, but either way, it wasn’t good for the 49ers. C.J. Beathard took the snap, rolled out, and threw the ball to Aaron Burbridge who was about 10 yards out on the right hash mark. Somehow the ball came loose or it was snatched by Texans safety Kurtis Drummond who ran it back for the score.