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Best plays of the day from Texans 49ers joint practice 8/16

The 49ers had their last open practice of the 2018 season -here are your top plays of the day

The 49ers had their last open practice of the 2018 season with the Texans in the sweltering heat of Houston. The team did the usual drills and because we focused on the offense yesterday, the defense was in the crosshairs today.

Here are your top plays of the day for 8/16 with a focus on the defense

Back in the mix

Fred Warner is back to full practice mode and he definitely let Brandon Weeden feel it. The rookie linebacker got through the line and took the quarterback to the ground, which they are not supposed to do. It wasn’t a violent hit but it wasn’t gentle either.

No fly zone

The young 49ers defensive backs kept themselves hyped up in the heat. Deshaun Watson threw a deep pass over 40 yards down the center of the field for Vincent Smith. He was being closely covered by rookie D.J. Reed Jr. and Adrian Colbert. Reed’s timing was perfect jumping up to break up the pass and prevent a touchdown. There was a bit of celebration after the play was over.

Breaking it up

Tyvis Powell had a great practice with pass break ups, at one point, two in a row. The first one I’m sure Powell would like to have back as a interception. He got in front of Vyncint Smith on a pass from Weeden and got his hands on the ball. Unfortunately, he couldn’t hold on for the pick. He disappointedly looked down at his hands after the ball hit the ground. The very next play Weeden targeted Sammie Coates Jr. 25 yards down the right sideline. It was a jump ball that Powell broke up, preventing a first down.

Witherspoon gets his wish

Ahkello Witherspoon has been wanting to get some reps facing DeAndre Hopkins. That’s exactly what he got in practice today. They lined up on the left side of the field several times in a one on one match up. While Witherspoon wasn’t able to shut him down completely, he broke up a pass headed towards Hopkins that looked like an easy first down near the left sideline.

Finally got one

The very next play after Weeden’s two incomplete passes listed above, he aired it out again about 15 yards down the right sideline. Greg Mabin got in front of Vincent Smith jumped up and grabbed the ball while Chanceller James set himself to be the lead blocker on the return.

Good as Gould

As per usual Robbie Gould made a 50 plus field goal in practice. The kick was towards the end of the day following a two minute drive by the 1s. While there wasn’t too much pressure from the defense, Gould still look as professional as ever kicking it right down the center for the score.