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The not so top plays of 49ers Texans joint practice 8/16

There was the good, now for the bad and the ugly of 49ers joint practice with the Texans

NFL: Houston Texans-Minicamp Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

We gave you the highlights, now for the low lights of 49ers Texans final joint practice. Remember that all of these plays are good in the long run, as the players will be going over them with a fine tooth comb I film sessions. Much better to chalk these as learning experiences during training camp and the preseason than during the regular season.

Here are the not so top plays of the day for 8/16 with a focus on the defense

It’s all about timing

Reuben Foster is always flying around the field and has made some huge plays using his ability to get lateral speed across the field. Unfortunately, in this play, his timing was just a little off. He was covering TE Jordan Akins on a crossing route from right to left in the end zone and Deshaun Watson placed the ball just in front of Akins. When Foster looked for the ball it allowed Akins to get some separation, and the touchdown.

What’s the hold up?

During the two minute drill Jimmy Garoppolo and the offense did not have start out on the right foot. Garoppolo took the snap, went through his drop back and saw Marquise Goodwin speeding down the left sideline. As Garoppolo threw the ball, his arm was hit and sent the ball sailing on him right into the awaiting arms of Kareem Jackson for the interception. It also looked like Goodwin got held up at some point in his route because the ball went a good ten yards in from of him. The ones had to wait their turn to get back out on the field after the turnover.

Tight ends are a weapon

Kyle Shanahan is known for his ability to use his tight ends in unique ways to disguise offensive plays. Bill O’Brien did that exact thing to the 49ers in practice. Quarterback Joe Webb found a wide open MyCole Pruitt to the right side of the field for a completion. Thankfully it didn’t take too long for Elijah Lee and Chanceller James to get to the tight end for the stop.

The preseason is for learning

Ahkello Witherspoon made it into the highlights article but he also made it into the lowlights piece. Before he broke up the pass intended for DeAndre Hopkins, Deshaun Watson found Hopkins on a crossing route. Hopkins had caught Witherspoon off guard running from right to left, and got some separation for the 10 yard completion. The best part about this was that Witherspoon didn’t get caught the next time.