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Golden Nuggets: Jeremy McNichols fan club?

San Francisco 49ers links for Friday August 17, 2018

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This is a quote from Kyle Shanahan’s interview yesterday.

“We wanted to get Alf in here because we just thought all of our guys are pretty similar. We’ve got a number of explosive backs. Some guys, if they’re given a hole, they’ve got the speed and stuff to take it the distance. But I felt like all of our guys are very similar.

”If our starting two guys are going to be speed guys who can do some stuff in the pass game and can make some big plays, I also wanted to have an option of having a guy that can handle carries, can handle getting beat up a lot, get the hard yards versus some really good defenses.”

I have been hoping Joe Williams could be the guy that got us the hard yards. What I kept constantly hearing in return was; “no, Matt Breida is that guy, he is a good blocker and he fights to pick up extra yards.” After last weeks game it became; “no, Raheem Mostert is that guy, he was better than Joe Williams and he is a good blocker even though Mostert wasn’t asked to pick up any of those tough yards.

As you can see below, Matt Breida is 5’9” and weighs 190 pounds, not exactly the kind of guy you want in that role. Raheem Mostert is even less desirable at 5’11” and a wimpy 183 pounds. People acted like it was a contest between Mostert, Breida and Williams. I felt it was either going to be Williams or someone other than a couple of light weights that were just going to get themselves hurt. Please don’t think in any way that this is a put down of Matt Breida. He adds a lot to this team with his quickness and I do love watching him run.

While I do not agree with most people that Williams did all that bad last Thursday night, I did not think he had the kind of power we needed to handle the hard yards and, even though he seemed to make the blocks, he appeared a bit fragile which was what really caused me the most concern. I was hoping he would look a little more formidable with the added muscle he picked up during the off season. On the other hand, the person that really stood out for me on Thursday was that 5’9” 212 pound spark plug Jeremy McNichols. The guy looked tough.

Then we started off the week with the news that Kyle Shanahan is bringing in Alfred Morris. At 5’10” and weighing 222 pounds, he definitely has the size for that kind of work. I hope Williams can pull a rabbit out of his hat but I am personally betting on McNichols. I liked what I saw last week and his measurable are very similar to McKinnon’s. A good showing Saturday night will definitely put me on the McNichols bandwagon.

I have listed our running backs below along with their height, weight, and 40 times just so everyone can have a quick comparison:

  • Matt Breida 5’9” 190 pounds 4.39 pro day
  • Jerick McKinnon 5’9” 216 pounds 4.41
  • Raheem Mostert 5’11” 183 pounds 4.38 pro day
  • Jeremy McNichols 5’9” 212 pounds 4.49
  • Alfred Morris 5’10” 222 pounds 4.67
  • Joe Williams 5’11” 210 pounds (combine weight) 4.41

In other news, Joshua Garnett worked out with the 49ers number one offense yesterday and Jonathan Cooper worked out with the twos. Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come.

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