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Reuben Foster covering Tavon Austin still hasn’t gotten old

Hopefully we get more Reuben Foster highlights against the Texans.

There’s a lot of things to be looking out for when the San Francsico 49ers go against the Houston Texans later today. One of the things at the top of my list is Reuben Foster. Not that I need any more confirmation he’s the man, but he makes preseason actually watchable.

In case you missed it, Foster had a nice coverage of Tavon Austin in Week 1’s contest against the Cowboys. Fooch had a nice write-up of it shortly after the fact. On Friday, NFL Network Analyst Brian Baldinger broke things down from a couple of ankles on how Foster made the play. It makes Foster even more special:

Now to be fair, let’s call this what it is: Cooper Rush doing play action against Reuben Foster, a first stringer (Foster) vs. a backup. Maybe Dak Prescott doesn’t make things that predictable, maybe Foster isn’t that stout defending every play, but darn it, Foster just shows how special he can be. This breakdown was nearly a week after the game.

And he’s going to leave fans waiting a bit longer, since he’s suspended the first two games of the NFL season. If Foster can stay out of trouble and stay healthy (something he had great difficulty doing in 2017) he’s going to have even more highlights broken down like this. He may not replace Patrick WIllis, but he certainly has helped fill the void Willis left since retiring.