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Kyle Shanahan puts Jimmy Garoppolo’s interception on Dante Pettis

The 49ers first string offense concluded Saturday’s game with a nasty set of penalties and an interception following. Was this more on the quarterback or the wide receiver?

There’s a lot to take and learn from the San Francisco 49ers second preseason game against the Houston Texans, one thing to discuss is Jimmy Garoppolo’s interception to close out his night.

On their second series, the offense was clicking in a big way and storming down the field again. Unfortunately a Weston Richburg hold stalled the drive and it was effectively killed moments later when Richburg was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct.

So at 1st and 35, Garoppolo chucked it down the field for Dante Pettis. It didn’t go so well:

I wasn’t sure who to put this on, Garoppolo or Pettis. After seeing it again and seeing it bounce out of Pettis’ hands, I’m inclined to say this one is on him.

Turns out the 49ers head coach agrees with me. Kyle Shanahan was asked about the pick in his post game press conference and answered with this:

“Yeah, without a doubt [if the receiver needs to come down with the ball]. I’d love for it to be perfect and make it a lot easier, which Jimmy is capable of. Jimmy needs to take responsibility for that, but Dante should catch it every single time. He’s capable of it.“

This still seems like it may go either way. I said it was on Pettis and tweeted as such, but then changed course when others chimed in. After watching it a few times, I’ve reverted back to my original position. It just seems like Pettis should have come down with that. Every throw, even from Jimmy G, isn’t going to be perfect.

What do you think? Is this pick on Garoppolo or Pettis?