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Kyle Shanahan talks injuries, Richard Sherman, ‘game week’ this week

The 49ers head coach was available via conference call on Sunday. We have a full transcript.

Can you just start off like you did last week with the injury report and where things stand and specifically how OL Erik Magnuson checked out?

“Yeah. Magnuson, he’s going to be out for a while. It’ll go early into the year. He had a hamstring strain, which was a bad one. If I had to give you guys a time, six to eight weeks, but, who knows. It’s going to be a while. [RB] Joe Williams, he is going to be out until probably Week 1. He had a rib fracture and has a very bad bruise. He’s got some issues, too. As far as other stuff from this game, [QB] C.J. [Beathard] got out of there with a foot sprain. He’ll be a little slowed down this week by it. But, we’ll re-evaluate that tomorrow when he comes back in. But, that is all of the stuff from that game.”

What about players coming back to practice this week?

“Yeah, [CB Richard] Sherm should be back this week. We expect him to practice. We expect him to practice Tuesday. [DL Arik] Armstead should come back for some individual drills, things like that, along with [CB] K’Waun [Williams] and [LB] Malcolm [Smith]. All three of those guys are kind of in the same boat. We’ll start putting them into individual, see how they go. The concussion guys, [DL] Solomon [Thomas] and [OL Garry] Gilliam, they’re still in the protocol. We’ll re-evaluate them Tuesday. [WR Max] McCaffrey is still dealing with the same foot issue. We’ll see how he is Tuesday. [RB Matt] Breida and [RB Jerick] McKinnon, [TE George] Kittle and [S] Marcell Harris, are still no change.”

Does Richard Sherman need to practice in full a couple of days this week in order to play in the game in Indianapolis?

“Yes, definitely. But, I think he was close to doing that last week. I know he definitely wanted to. I’m very confident he’ll be out there Tuesday practicing, unless some crazy setback happens. But right now, it’s really just about Richard feels good and he just wants to get his body ready for Week 1.”

With Magnuson, have you guys decided whether to put him on IR Designated for Return? What path do you figure to go with him?

“We haven’t decided that. That’ll have to do with him, how long it’s going to take and with how the rest of this roster works out. That decision won’t be made probably until over the next week. Him and Joe Williams are going to be in the same boat with that question.”

After taking a look at the film, how do you feel about the two lowering the head, leading with the head calls?

“Same way I felt last night when I saw it. I think everyone feels the same. We’re all just hoping we eventually fix this and we can figure out what to do about it. But, it’s something we’re all struggling with right now.”

Has the league reached out to you guys since these games have begun and tried to give more clarity on it or do you think this is something that’s going to happen almost on a weekly basis?

“I really don’t know. No one has reached out to me personally, so I’m still not quite sure. I hope something does get cleaned up a little bit. But, right now I’m really in the same boat you guys are in.”

Have you guys reached out to LB Elvis Dumervil? Is there any talk at all about looking to try to upgrade the outside pass rush?

“We want to upgrade everything. If there is something at the end of this situation that we feel will help us and make us better and it makes sense contractually to where we think it helps our team this year and going forward in the future, that’s something that we won’t hesitate to do at every position. We have a responsibility to do that at every position, not just pass rusher. Elvis is a guy I have a lot of confidence in. He did a great job for us last year. If we felt that was the right opportunity at the end of this, Elvis is a guy [general manager] John [Lynch] and I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to.”

Do you have any day after evaluations of your right guard situation, how G Joshua Garnett and G Jonathan Cooper played yesterday?

“Josh got in there for the most extensive time that we’ve had him. So, I was real excited for him to be able to go out there and play that much. He did some good things, he did some bad things, like everybody. But, I thought it was a success in terms of he got to play a lot and he felt good after the game. He went through a whole week of practice where he got a lot more reps, was able to put those consecutive days together, got a chance to go in and play in the game where he had a number of plays and he felt great today. I think that was very encouraging. Now I think that he has started to put those string of practices together, he has a chance to really improve. I know we’re coming towards the end here, but hopefully he can get this going here in the next two weeks and give him a chance to win that position.”

Is Cooper really favoring that knee a lot still? Did you see that?

“I think you see it at times. Just talking to him, he did have surgery on it and stuff and there’s a bit of a mental aspect that he’s got to get over. That’s what he’s been working on these last couple of weeks that we’ve gotten him out there. It’s gotten better each day. He didn’t get as much in the game as Garnett did, but I thought he did get better than he has at least last week. I hope that it’ll continue to get there, not just physically, but also from his mental standpoint, that he can continue to gain more confidence. Hopefully playing in that game yesterday will help him with that confidence and lead him to having a better week this week.”

I understand you talked about WR Trent Taylor still kind of working his way back. The move he made though to get free for the touchdown, he looked quite healthy there. Is that just a typical Trent Taylor move?

“Yeah, he does that all the time. He did it again on a third down later in that game. I think C.J. hit him, he just missed dropping a tough catch. But, that’s what Trent is good at. If he gets an edge on someone, he can double someone up and gain separation. On that play, he gained a lot of separation. Then the middle-third player was out of the way so we were able to hit him late.”

What’s your plan for this week as far as, are you guys going to a regular season practice schedule and have you accomplished everything that you wanted to accomplish here during the training camp portion?

“Yeah, this week is really our trial run just to show our guys how we do our regular year. A lot of our guys are used to it from last year, but we’ve still got a bunch of new guys. We really just go through the entire schedule. You like a game plan a little bit more, but by no means do you go overboard with that. They’re still not counting quite yet, but you want to put our players through the routine of what a Monday is like after a game which is what we treated today. Tomorrow we’ll treat it as Tuesday. Then we’ll have our Wednesday practice our Thursday practice, Friday practice. We’ll end up practicing our Friday travel routine where we spend Friday and Saturday there and then we play on Sunday. So, I’m probably going to tell you guys the wrong day all week because we’re going through our seven-day schedule right now and that’s kind of how we are the rest of the year. Every day is kind of groundhog day and we kind of really become a machine in just going through the same routine all the time. It’s tough to do in the preseason with the different days and everything. We’re fortunate that we played a game on Saturday last night and that our next game is on a Saturday so we get to truly do our seven-day routine that we’ll do a lot during the year.”

After watching the film from last night, can you assess anything else from the difficulty in the run game getting going?

“I just, we weren’t very efficient. When you have your opportunities, it takes one weak link to mess up a good look. Those were some of the things I think I was frustrated with last night. I know we had some decent results with the starters and stuff, but I think there were some opportunities that we should have done better on and shouldn’t have been in some of those third down situations. It isn’t one guy in particular. It’s just missing a block here. One play when we do get the block, it’s the back missing the right cut and just not staying out there long enough to have a chance to overcome that and to get back into a rhythm. Just going through all the clips today, I think our offense especially, you can see what we’re talking about. We’ve just got to be more detailed. It takes 11 guys to run the ball and we’ve got to make sure all 11 guys are executing it better.”

After watching the film, did your opinion change at all on your evaluation of WR Dante Pettis on the interception?

“Yeah, it was a little harder for him than I anticipated. It was harder than I think I talked about, but my opinion doesn’t change and that’s because of what I think of Dante. I’ve got a lot of respect for Dante and I think he can catch about everything that touches his hands. So, when it does I expect him to and if he doesn’t, then I’m disappointed.”

Do you know when Joe Williams’ injury was?

“I don’t know exactly when it was. I know he came back in. I want to say it was in the third quarter. He came back in and played a series after it and then I think we shut him down after.”

Was he having trouble breathing? How were you alerted?

“No, he wasn’t. It was his hip so he thought it was a hip pointer at first and he thought he could go through it. We were rotating guys anyway and he was hurting and we were about to make a change with our original plan. I think just sleeping on it last night and stuff, he came in this morning and it was hurting worse than a hip pointer should so they looked into some things and they found some other stuff.”

Is C.J. going to have to be in a boot and will that curtail him from practicing this week?

“Yeah, if he’s in a boot that’s going to be tough for him to practice, but I don’t think he should be in a boot. I know we’ve got to re-evaluate it Tuesday. I didn’t notice it on the field, but definitely saw it on the tape. It looked pretty bad. He was walking around alright today, but it’s tough to tell with C.J. because he’s so tough. But, I think we’ll have a better idea on Tuesday how he’s moving.”