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Brick by Brick: Season 2, episode 3 recap

Come for the Jimmy G highlights, leave with the strangest Joe Staley face ever.

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Brick by Brick: Producing in the Preseason

Don't mess with Texas?! That's all the 49ers have done in the first two weeks of the preseason vs Dallas and Houston. Enjoy the latest episode of "Brick By Brick" and an exclusive look at training camp.

Posted by San Francisco 49ers on Tuesday, August 21, 2018

There is even less of the random craziness off the field in this episode of Brick by Brick, but you get some pretty funny moments from Joe Staley to make up for it. Along the way it’s got practices both before the Cowboys and Texans preseason games and some of Robert Saleh. Robert Saleh and Joe Staley make good episodes. That is all.

The show opens with the preseason man of the week, Sheldon Day talking about not just his desire to make the team, but where the 49ers are going as an organization. This of course leads to practice and a fun Robert Saleh segment ribbing his defense. First he checks in on Brock Coyle to see if he’s feeling alright, shortly after the exchange he looks at Elijah Lee telling Lee to not have hurt feelings because he [Saleh] didn’t ask him how he felt. It continues with an exchange to DeForest Buckner where Saleh wants to know why everyone thinks Buckner needs a day off. Buckner responds with an adamant “I didn’t say nuthin bout that.”

We then are treated to some scenes from the first week of preseason with the 49ers playing the Dallas Cowboys. We’ve seen all this, except for Joe Staley on the bench with the offensive line screaming, “HIS NAME IS DEFOREST BUCKNER YOU CAN’T BLOCK HIM!” And that scene is enough for us to see all of this again. Multiple times.

The next segment brings us to Houston Texas. The 49ers began their practices with the Houston Texans and with defensive tackle Mitchell being a Houston native, he took a drive on his day off to explore his hometown and high school. The show comes back to him.

Meanwhile in Houston, Dante Pettis goes to batting practice with the Houston Astros (whom his father, Gary Pettis is the 3rd base coach). Pettis winds up knocking out six home runs but acknowledges that number couldn’t be possible in an actual Major League game.

Once batting practice is over, Earl Mitchell returns to explain why he prefers practicing in Houston (the humidity). Once that’s made apparent, we get more of Mitchell having conversations with 49ers and Texans, as well as getting a pep talk from John Lynch. The segment ends with a scene of Mitchell reuniting with his former teammate, NFL Pro Bowler J.J. Watt.

This of course leads to the 49ers into their second preseason game against the Houston Texans. As you might guess, it’s nothing but Jimmy Garoppolo highlights for the first three quarters of the segment and they are highlights that still haven’t gotten old. There isn’t much of a sideline conversation as it’s just the radio announcers calling each of Jimmy G’s highlights. But it’s Jimmy G. More highlights come after the first stringers and the show ends with none other than a Joe Staley segment, from the Cowboys game. A segment where he and Weston Richburg do nothing but make the strangest face (a meme is probably born with this).

Another episode ending with meme gold. This seems to be a trend.

If you can’t see the video at the top, you can watch it here.