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Watch Letters to 87, a Dwight Clark documentary

Tueasday evening, NBC Sports Bay Area aired Letters to 87, a documentary tribute to San Francisco 49ers legend Dwight Clark. The documentary is now available for anybody to view. You can watch it above, or click here.

Clark passed away on June 4th due to ALS, but prior to that, he held court in the Bay Area and then in Montana with his former teammates and a host of friends. Along the way, he spoke with Matt Maiocco about the idea of having people write letters to him describing their recollection of The Catch, and what it meant to them.

Maiocco collected the letters and took them to Montana to share with Clark shortly before his passing. Some of the letters were later read at the San Francisco memorial service in Clark’s honor. It has all been brought together in this fantastic documentary. Kudos to Matt for putting this together. It’s something 49ers fans will always be able to cherish as they recall one of the true legends in franchise history.