Caption This!

49ers Brick by Brick

This screengrab comes from the last few minutes of the third episode of the second season of Brick by Brick. I honestly can't tell which face cracks me up the most - Weston Richburg, Joseph Staley, Laken Tomlinson, or the as of yet unnamed hydration technician. The image was taken at what appears to be Levi's stadium - as they're clearly dressed for a preseason game, and they wore whites @ Houston. It's a busy picture, for sure, and ripe for captioning.

Put on your funny and creative hats and crack wise to your heart's content - and if you like what somebody else had to say, you should totally rec it.

I've been teetering on the edge of bringing back the Caption This! contest after quitting on it after a few months several years back. If there seems to be some interest from the community, I'd be glad to give it another whack.

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